Habitual Traffic Offenders

There are various statutory schemes in place aimed at encouraging road safety and compliance with road rules. Two such schemes discussed in this topic are the Habitual Offenders Scheme and the Traffic Offender Intervention Program. The Habitual Offenders Scheme was introduced in NSW in order to deal with repeat offenders of driving offences. Specific provisions under this scheme are outlined below. Essentially, a person who commits driving offences to which the scheme applies will have their licence disqualified for a certain period and be declared a habitual offender.

While the Habitual Offenders Scheme is more punitive in its approach, the Traffic Offender Intervention Program emphasizes less on imposing sanctions for unlawful driver behavior and more on educating drivers about road safety and developing positive attitudes about driving.

If you have faced multiple traffic offences, including drink driving offences, contact a drink driving lawyer to discuss the Habitual Offenders Scheme.